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Using real datasets

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Why Natural Language Processing(NLP)?

Before getting into the topic, why is it important to have an NLP project in your portfolio? How can it help in your career?

The amount of text data getting generated is growing faster than ever. As per IDC, about 80% of global data will be unstructured by 2025. And this will be the pattern across the industries like retail, technology, healthcare, and anything you name it.

In the past, Organizations have been relying on structured data for extracting insights and the potential of unstructured data was unexploited. But now organizations have started to realize the value of unstructured data…

Elon Musk’s way of problem-solving

About 2000 years ago, Aristotle defined “First Principles” as “the first basis from which a thing is known”. This concept is still very much relevant and can help you to come up with an innovative solution for complex data science problems. The idea behind first principle thinking is to break down a complex problem into its fundamental parts and then use a bottom-up approach to build a unique solution that was not previously conceptualized.

In this article, I am going to explain to you how first principle thinking can be applied to solve data science problems. To make things simple…

Tips to make an impactful resume that stands out

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Every one of us needs a resume to showcase our skills and experience but how much effort are we putting into it to make it impactful. It is undeniable that resumes play a key role in our job application process. This article will explore some simple strategies to significantly improve the presentation as well as the content of data science resumes.

First, Why is it important to focus on the resume?

Getting a data science job is becoming very competitive, though the number of opportunities is historically high the number of people applying for these jobs is extremely high as well.

For example, below is a screenshot of a job…

With references to sample use-case implementation

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I’m actively involved in mentoring and coaching people in data science. I also guide students to prepare them for a career in data science. Based on my interaction with them, I find many of them ignore the dataset while choosing a project. There are still many using dummy datasets for their data science portfolio projects. The goal of a portfolio project is better learning and to help with a data science job. The use of dummy data for your portfolio project doesn't help either with the learning or with getting a job.

Using a real-world dataset for your project offers…

The Future of AI

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Do you think that building an NLP based AI application such as a chatbot or a Translator requires a lot of data science skills and would take a lot of time? It is not always true, this article will help you better understand. I am going to show how to use GPT-3 to build some amazing NLP based AI applications with minimal development effort. Before getting into the build let’s first understand what GPT-3 is and what are all the features of GPT-3 that make it so special.

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, it is a language model trained…

Also to advance in your data science job

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When I started my career in data science a decade back, I just had a little bit of knowledge about the R, SQL, Gephi — an open-source tool for network analysis and basics about two or three algorithms, that’s it! But back then it was enough for me to get a data science job at one of the fastest-growing start-ups. Fast forward to the present, the scenario is totally different today. The industry is very competitive and very demanding as well. …

Getting Started

From a practical point of view with python implementation

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Statistics plays an important role in data science projects. They are very helpful in getting a better understanding of the data and also for extracting insights. It is an important area and every data scientist must have a clear understanding of the basic statistical concepts.

In this article, I will provide you details about the basic statistical concepts that are frequently used in data science projects, the scenarios where they can be used, and their implementation using python. The scripts and data used in this article can be found in the following git repository here

1. Sampling Techniques

Sampling is an important concept…

A simple guide to help you create one. No Expertise Required!

My Website. BG photo by Daniel Leone on Unsplash

A personal portfolio website is like a digital resume. It can make a lot of difference in your career. It can be a great platform for you to publish your work and portfolio, it could help in gaining an audience or followers for yourself, it could be a great way to impress or attract employers. It can also act as your digital resume and can help in bringing some good opportunities your way.

What are the steps involved in building a personal website using GitHub Pages?

Many might have some questions regarding the technical capabilities that would be required to build a personal portfolio website, the good news is just a little bit…

A guide to kick start your career in data science

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Are you learning data science or interested in learning but not sure how you would be able to kick start a career in data science? Getting your first job in data science can be tricky. Many people from diverse fields and students following my “Learn Data Science in 100 days” initiative asks me about getting job opportunities and some of them even often doubt their ability to find a job in data science.

In this article, I will clearly put forth a step-by-step approach that can help in increasing your chances of getting hired as a data scientist. It doesn’t…

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